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“Danilo Warick is without a doubt one of the most renaissancist people I have ever worked with in Portugal. His multifaceted artistic ability, from his multi-instrumentalism side to his producer soul and talent as a director, has always taken me by surprise in such a way that I also “blame” him for the success that Custom Circus has achieved over the years.” 

—  Co fundador - Custom Circus

& Nirvana Studios

(Centro Cultural Alternativo) —

About me

Film Director & Music Producer. 
I started my journey in 2001 producing, directing and editing music videos for several national and international artists and bands.
In 2005 I joined the production and creative developing team of the theater group Custom Circus being in charge of the musical composition and arrangements, as well as production and direction of all video contents for the show’s projections.
Custom Circus toured all over Portugal and Spain for many years and it’s still present nowadays at the famous Portuguese venue Custom Café.
Between 2008 and 2010 I took my biggest challenge at that time when I decided to write, produce, direct and edit a full-length musical film called Laudamus Vita. The film was launched in the biggest movie theater in Portugal, the Alvaláxia, with both consecutive sessions selling out. Laudamus Vita was released in DVD/CD all over Europe and it was very successful in Portugal. Broadcasted on national tv channel RTP and also MTV, it was available on demand on the biggest cable TV operator “ZON”.
In 2011 I founded the corporate and commercial film company Zoe Films Europe, part of Zoe Films Group (Brazil and U.S.)
Since then I have worked on several different style projects from advertisings to docu-style, to corporate promotional videos and also a TV show.
Always keeping my musical roots in mind, I try to be part of the soundtrack composition process for the films I direct and also for films directed by colleagues of mine.
It was this film and music passion that led me to create and develop the musical team-building project Team Singing that brings joy to corporate events through music and people gathering.
In December 2019 Zoe Films Europe closes its doors which made me turn back to being an independent film director and music producer who is ready and available to colaborate in projects with creative agencies and film companies.
My deep love for this ever so challenging and rewarding profession leads me into full dedication and an unstoppable pursuit for the best results. It awakens in me an endless interest for general knowledge and new technologies that are constantly evolving.
As "that" Master used to say " a musician never retires"... I firmly believe that film directors also do not have any reason to move out of the set.

Press Release




"Two Steps to Freedom"




"Justino's Madeira Wine"




"Fall in Love with this Land"







"Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo/Ribatejo"

"Costa do Vizir

Beach Village"

"O ouro sorriu também a Porto Covo, na categoria de hotéis, graças ao Costa do Vizir Beach Village."..."Para o Turismo do Alentejo e Ribatejo, chegaram também dois prémios especiais, graças aos filmes Alentejo - Caiado de Fresco e Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo e Ribatejo:"

"O vídeo “Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo/Ribatejo” de Danilo Warick, também de junho, venceu o primeiro prémio na categoria “Turismo Religioso”.

“Dois filmes promocionais do Alentejo conquistaram prémios na Golden City Gate, em Berlim."

"Rota Vicentina video wins international prize."


"Laudamus Vita» é um feito inédito em Portugal."


"Novos Caminhos de Santiago no Alentejo e Ribatejo são agora oficiais"

"Vídeos da Rota Vicentina e Centro de Portugal distinguidos em Cannes"

"Filmes sobre o Alentejo ganham prata em Cannes"

"Quadro de honra: Danilo Warick" (take magazine)

"«Laudamus Vita» é o «The Wall» português"

"Vamos proteger quem nos protege. BiG duplica cada euro doado aos bombeiros"

"Monsanto - freguesia histórica de Portugal construída entre rochas"

"Danilo Warick endorser desde 2004"

"The very best in corporate media & TV of the year."

" cinema Alvaláxia, onde apresentará, numa sessão já esgotada, o álbum e a longa-metragem «Laudamus Vita»"

"A música do vídeo foi concebida por um dos realizadores, Danilo Warick, e é inspirada nos dias de filmagens, denominando-se Golden Days."

"2018 Adventure In Motion Winner Promotes Adventure for All"

" Laudamus Vita é uma longa metragem cujo o argumento e a realização ficou a cargo do baterista da banda, Danilo Warick, que também geriu toda a produção..."

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