Danilo Warick

Film Director & Music Producer
It may sound a bit strange but my heart is indeed divided between my film making passion and my joy in music composition and production.
My biography and this portfolio reveal a bit of almost two decades of hard work, dedication and love for these 2 arts that I try to learn and improve every day.
I have selected some of the promotional films I have directed until this day, in which I made a point of also being the editor because I truly believe that it is in the post production process that the director has the great power to tell and perfect his story.
Commercials are challenging for any director. It takes a lot of experience to convey messages and emotions in such a short amount of time. Here I present some examples of the work I have done with portuguese and foreign creative agencies.
Because I started playing guitar and drums as a kid I always had an interest in music composition and production and in 2005 I began my learning process in professional music production.
My musical knowledge and stage experience allows me to compose and mix while using the best audio editing software as well as professional virtual instruments. 

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